About Us

Culture. Community. Creation. Collaboration. 

Celebrating culture appropriately while building a socially conscious community of truth seekers, healers and dreamers who value and respect the artistry of creation along with any people who find inspiration and are motivated by what we can achieve through collaboration. 


Every item sold by Always Sunday was created or inspired by a cultural group from around the world. Every culture has their unique details and creative process that is true to them and we want to you to feel connected to each piece by educating and giving you the story behind each collection.


Our mission is to not only bring you pieces from or inspired by different places all over the world but also take a deeper look into the people that live in those places as well as our local neighbors. We are all human and the thing that binds us is love and our natural sense of community. Always Sunday sources products that are ethically made and loves to purchase from small businesses.


The ability to dream, create things we imagine and take chances on ourselves is an exceptional talent that we seek out, celebrate and promote. The process of bringing something into existence isn’t always easy so we take pride in working with artist, crafters, makers and creatives from all over the world.   


We believe that through shared goals and mutual support we can multiply our efforts and contribute to the expansion of small businesses, particularly owned by people of color. We see the value in diverse views and want to be a beacon of light for many voices.