Deal With It

Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away or solve itself.
The problem only finds new ways to reappear.
The things that appear to be problems in our lives are often the experiences that will teach us the most. We have challenges because we have weaknesses, it's inevitable. But when we let our fears hinder our growth, we fail to realize that behind the fear is where our greatest struggles and triumphs reside.
Our fears usually point to an area within that needs to be developed by directly confronting our perspective and making conscious choices to change our habits.
For example, I procrastinate more than anyone I know! And while I work well under pressure a big part of why I procrastinate is because I don't want to deal with circumstances where I don't see myself succeeding; I don't want to attack the problems that I don't see a clear finish line too. Often I feel defeated by the perceived magnitude of the task or the level of difficulty and talk myself out of dealing with it. Sometimes I get to it if I have to and some things go undone.
But I'm learning that it’s better for my happiness and peace of mind if I just deal with my shit and stop pussyfooting around. Ultimately I need results in my life, excuses for why I didn't complete a task don't benefit me they slow me down and bring more confusion.
At this point I have to question my values, the code I choose to live by. Do I value the comfort of laziness or the challenge of growth? Then I have to choose to do the things that I don’t feel like doing but should do. By using my awareness I’ve started a healthy new habit.
Even in my emotional life, I recognize the importance of dealing with things instead of ignoring or overlooking them.
For years I refused to be accountable for my selfish behavior. I would blame the other party or the circumstances for my lack of effort. But my self-absorption wasn’t allowing me to have fruitful relationships instead it was causing a lot of stagnation and confusion. But I didn’t want to confess that the problem was within me and the root of the problem was my way of thinking which caused my behavior. Selfishness is a lack of consideration for others which is rooted in a fear-based mentality of lack. So I had to confront my feelings about why I was choosing to see the world from the perspective of ‘there’s not enough to go around’.
Yet again I had to question my values and be honest about what’s essential to making life work for me.
This selfish behavior had become a part of me that I was afraid to deal with, I felt powerless to control it and wanted to ignore the reality of it. But I summoned the courage to discover what was behind my emotions and fear of lack. By doing so I allowed myself to gain a deeper level of self-knowledge and appreciation for my ability to evolve.
Now I am empowered by my choices instead of a victim. I am confident because I have done the work required to be resilient. I understand change is a part of life so I choose not to see every crisis as an insurmountable problem but instead continue to move towards my goals looking for opportunities for self-discovery.
Whatever 'it' is deal with it. Whether it's emotional issues, making business calls, cleaning up, doing homework, breaking off a relationship, getting a better understanding...just deal with it, your mind, body, spirit, and heart will be better for it. Acknowledge what is keeping you stagnant and choose to deal with it.
Dealing with it means that you are making a choice to live in peace, making a choice to free your mental and emotional space of clutter so that you can invite more love and creativity into your life.
Live Free


  • SDJWilliams

    It is so very inspiring to read your soul, your heart, a growth in your life. Continue to use your poetic words to Express moments of you life that are shared by so many of us that are unable to express so effectively. God’s continued blessings and Live Free.

  • ONE8TY Henry

    It is Amazing to me how your words mirror my walk in this life! And this isn’t the first time this has happened with you! I am currently experiencing the exact things that you so poetically laid out and it is mind blowing! Thank you for your insight and willingness to share ! I will be tuning in. Peace and blessings always!

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