Extraordinary Gratitude

Appreciate Rejection & Critics

The judgement of others, however harsh, is a reminder that you’re free to respond to life’s many events with a spectrum of reactions.
Recognize that you’re a critic as well, and celebrate that. You’re a discerning entity in this reality with your own personal tastes. By noting that others may freely disagree with you, you receive reinforcement that you too are free to disagree, to criticize, and to reject elements of your reality.
You’re even free to reject rejection. You’re free to reject criticism. You’re free to criticize the critics right back. You can be as scathingly critical as you wish to be. You’re also free to accept and praise whatever you like.
 You get to evaluate your likes and dislikes. Embrace your role as a discerning entity.
You can choose to see things from a different perspective and change your experience.  Being grateful at such a high level can seem challenging or pointless but it can also be a gateway to freedom.  
In what ways have you allowed rejection or criticism from others to  stifle you? 
Live Free.


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